What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising and why should we care?

| October 3, 2019

Pay Per Click is a type of advertising where businesses pay a fee for each time that a user clicks on an ad. Easy right? It also involves placing PPC ads on search engines like Google. With paid search ads, businesses bid on ad placement to appear as a sponsored link on the search engine results page.

When search engine users search for relevant keywords related to the business, the PPC ad will appear at the top of the page in their search query. Remember every time a visitor clicks on your ad, you are paying the search engine a small fee. But don’t worry, Google rewards advertisers who create relevant PPC ads.

The more relevant your ad campaigns, the less the search engine will charge you per click. But let’s be real, do you really need PPC ads? Considering they produce fast results, help you generate more qualified leads, provide measurable results, improve brand recognition, are great for local search and budget friendly, WE THINK YES.



PPC ad management requires experience and knowledge that some businesses don’t have on their marketing team. Consider hiring an agency to manage your paid search advertising could be the answer.

Some companies are choosing to partner with marketing agencies for help creating and managing their PPC ad campaigns. Developing effective and optimized campaigns requires time, if you don’t have it, then this is the alternative for you.

You are also going to need experience, if you don’t have an expert on your team, then you will need to work with someone who has experience implementing these tactics. On the other hand, if you implement this on your own and you are not getting the expected results, working with an agency can identify areas for improvement and make the right changes.

Finally, if you have a limited budget you can trust that an agency would know the right tricks, moves and tactics to get you the best results. No matter how small your budget is! UNBELIEVABLE, HUH? If you’re ready to get started with your paid search advertising campaigns, contact us today for your free consultation.

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