What Is Facebook for Creators?

| August 4, 2021

Facebook for Creators has actually been around since 2020, but it has returned to the spotlight recently thanks to Mark Zuckerberg committing $1 billion over the next year and a half to creators who use Facebook-owned platforms for their content. This will be through bonus initiatives across Facebook and Instagram for those who post great content. If you’re a digital content creator, you may already know about using this resource. If not, here’s what you need to know about getting started with Facebook for Creators:

1. Create a Facebook Account – The first step is to create a Facebook page for yourself. This is where everything you create, post, and share will be kept and where fans can follow you. It’s just like setting up a normal Facebook page where you fill in certain personal info in order to make an account.

2. Change Your Page Category to Video Creator – The next step is to change your Facebook page category to “Video Creator.” This distinction will help you reach more fans and ultimately get more eyes on your amazing content.

3. Connect Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts – After that, connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts in order to reach the widest audience possible. Posting your content on both platforms will make sure that you aren’t missing out on potential viewers and create more chances for your videos’ success.

4. Determine the Best Video Practices – It’s also very important to determine the best video practices to use for all of your content. This includes your overall video strategy and optimization of your distribution process. Some examples include posting videos consistently, including a hook within the first few seconds, responding to comments and engaging with viewers, framing your story properly in a 4:5 aspect ratio for Facebook videos, and many other useful practices. Incorporating these practices and tips will help you optimize your creation process and put out engaging content that viewers will love.

5. Upload Your Videos – One of the final steps is to upload your videos to your channels. You can publish, schedule, organize, and manage all of your content in a single place with Facebook for Creators. This makes posting your videos quick and simple. You can also do it from multiple devices, so it doesn’t matter whether you are at home or on the go. You can get your content out there and start racking up views.

6. Post Videos From IGTV to Facebook – The final step is to crosspost all of your IGTV videos with your Facebook followers. This will ensure that none of your fans are left out while others are getting new, fresh content simply because of the platform they prefer. This can easily be done from various devices and is a simple step to reach more viewers.

Facebook for Creators provides a platform and many useful tools for digital content creators. Taking advantage of these free resources can even help you earn extra money from Facebook’s recent commitment to creators who use their platforms. If you’re looking to share your content with the world, consider signing up for Facebook for Creators today!

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