The Importance of UX Design in E-commerce

| September 18, 2020

One of the most important elements of any e-commerce website is a great UX Design. It includes the entirety of a user’s experience through combining brand aspects, design, usability, function, and many others. But first, what is the “user experience” (UX)? The ISO definition states that UX includes all the user’s beliefs, preferences, emotions, perceptions, behaviors, physical and psychological responses, and accomplishments that occur before, during, and after the use of a product or service.

So, how can we tell if a UX Design for e-commerce is good enough or not? Let’s explore five of the most indispensable features it involves and the impact they have on users.

  • Human psychology tells us that we tend to be more attracted to an application or website that is equipped with not only text, but also visual effects, images, and graphics. Therefore, to employ a good UX Design, we must consider all of these aspects in addition to visual design strategies that include the right colors, visual concepts, contrasts, size, etc.
  • It is necessary to help the user to fully understand the information you are putting out there. To make this possible the UX Designer must know how to organize the data in the most efficient, user-friendly way. This means, for example, creating menus and establishing hierarchies according to some of the elements of cognitive psychology so the user can navigate the website or application with no problems.
  • It is fundamental to develop an in-depth evaluation to get a general overview of the market situation. This requires research on what content is being included, what the strengths and weaknesses of other UX Designs are, analyzing the competition for the product, creating online or manual surveys, and many other features.
  • A good UX Design always contemplates the five dimensions of interaction: words, visual representations, physical objects and space, time, and behavior. Knowing how to work with these elements will provide the user a meaningful relation with the website or application by involving space, sound, emotion, and other features.

  • And finally: usability. This is the main element for creating an impressive experience for the user. Usability is everything the user needs. You can evaluate a good UX Design by measuring how well it grabs the user’s attention and keeps them immersed in the application or website.

In conclusion, a good user experience is one of the most important elements of any e-commerce website design. This has been made possible because, along with the advancement of technology, e-commerce websites and applications have also evolved to improve the user experience. As we mentioned before, the UX Design takes care of this whole process by combining knowledge, analysis, smart strategies, and their experience. Therefore, to evaluate said process, we must pay attention to all of these features mentioned above. Recognizing the importance of the UX Design and implementing it in the growing e-commerce market means taking the opportunities you are presented with and remaining competitive in the market by making things the best they can be for your users.