The Emotional Hooks You Should Be Using In Your Content

| June 8, 2021

Emotion is at the core of every decision human beings make. We like something or dislike something based on how we feel about it (our emotions). If something makes us happy, we tend to like it and want more of it. If something makes us sad or angry, we may want to steer away from it. This is true for content as well.


People want to feel something and be compelled, so if you are writing boring, plain content no one is going to care about whatever you are writing about. Use these emotional hooks to level up your content and build a stronger connection with your audience:


  • Tell a Story – Why do people love books and movies so much? Because at our core, human existence revolves around storytelling and creating narratives. We are naturally drawn to it. Use stories in your content to add creative flair and engage your readers.


  • Use Nostalgia – Similar to storytelling, everyone loves things that they grew up with or remember from their childhood. Who doesn’t love a good Jurassic Park or Saved By the Bell reference? Use references to popular movies, shows, toys, or anything else that entire demographics will be able to identify and connect with.


  • Target People’s Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) – People always want to be on the cutting edge, have the newest items, and be the first to do something. You can use this to your advantage in your writing by making them feel like they might miss out on something. Since people have a fear of missing out, they will be more emotionally connected to your content if they think they could be excluded.


  • Utilize Humor – Everyone hates to laugh, right? Wrong. Everyone loves to laugh and joke. It’s a form of joy, one of our main emotions. Use humor in your content to instantly spark a connection with your readers. People always remember things that are funny, so using humor in your writing will help your content stick with readers.

  • Make People Feel Like They Belong –  Similar to FOMO, making people feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves is a surefire way to make an emotional connection with them. Use inclusive language in your writing to make everyone feel seen and heard. This will also make them want to keep coming back to you for similar content since they feel like they belong.


  • Make People Feel Special or Powerful – Just like making people feel like they belong, it’s important to make people feel like they are special or powerful with your content. Write exciting copy that makes people feel like they could take on the world and accomplish anything they want to. When people feel like they are special, they feel good about themselves, which makes them happy.


  • Tease Them – Just like mystery, suspense, and horror movies, people like anticipation and the feeling of not knowing exactly what is coming. Use your writing to tease things and create mystery that will draw readers in and leave them wanting more of what’s to come.


Creating an emotional bond with your readers through your content isn’t difficult. Just remember that we are all human and we all have base-level emotions that determine how we act. Make sure connecting to those emotions is in your mind while you are creating content and soon you will be engaging with readers like never before!