Telling Your Story: 5 Ways to Keep your Messaging Revenant Without Getting Lost in the Volume

| May 18, 2022

Today, everything is a remix. We consistently hear similar, if not the same, versions of different stories. Cliché becomes trendy. Just when you think you’ve caught up, you’ve fallen behind. Social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram have made the repetitive the right of way. However, when marketing ourselves, how can we stand out among the volume, while falling into the background noise? Our stories, what leads us to our causes, and our passions differ among business owners, As people. Your story is unique, so let’s tell it like it is!


Who Is Your Audience? And How Do I Anticipate their needs?

This may seem like a straightforward question, however, it’s an essential one. It is paramount you ask yourself:

  • “Who do I want to sell to?”
  • “Why them?”
  • “What does your ideal client look like?”
  • “How do I reach them?”
  • “What do they like?”
  • “What do they not like?”

Following your assessment, review your perfect client profile and anticipate their needs. Figure out what they would appreciate from you. From having their favorite beverages on hand to holiday cards. Although this is a crucial step, it is essential to remind yourself, that you cannot (and should not) serve everyone. There is a professional out there for everyone. You are in the position to control your life and narrative. Part of that comes with the people you surround yourself with; Your clients being a part of that support system. Choose wisely.


How Do You Want Your Audience to Perceive You?

Of course, you cannot control how others see you. Yet, you can control how they view your brand. Throw out some adjectives that best describe the services you provide or products you sell. Make sure those adjectives hold an emotional charge that matches your messaging.


For example, if you’re catering to pet owners, utilizing “pet parent” language is quite possibly a go-to for you! Once you’ve figured tips one and two out––you’re ready to…



For the creatives, this is the fun part. As silly as it may sound, appearance is critical. Much like life, first impressions are everything. So, your social media feed, headshots, and website design tell potential clients a lot about you. From the moment your potential client comes across you, the rules of engagement have been set. Rules of engagement are the seemingly unspoken terms by which your client must operate under YOU. Sounds crazy. However, as previously stated, your identity is not for everyone and that’s perfectly okay. Know who you are, know who they are, and you will SELL your service. Thus, ensure you communicate that clearly. You want customer loyalty? Get yourself a CRM and reach out to your potential clientele immediately, mark down birthdays, kids’ soccer games––whatever it is you would like to experience. Allow your people to experience with you.


Get Your Branding Together and Claim Your Identity.

Colors, taglines, and slogans (oh my!). Trust me, you NEED them. Keep it cohesive. Sure, someone might have a similar look to you but they’re not selling what YOU provide. Remember that and plug your brand with your favorite (consistent) colors, fonts, and vernacular.


Have Fun With It!

Don’t take it too seriously. At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of who you are, what you provide or sell, and why. You do NOT need to reinvent the wheel to stay relevant. But stay away from the hype. Your messaging will come across organically and authentic if you let it be––yet strategic in your approach. Intentionality is EVERYTHING. Stay true to your message. You’re more than what you do, rather, you are what you BE.