Measure Your Roof Area



SquareIT is a roofing material distributor based out of California. SquareIT believes the roofing industry is outdated and they believe they are here to change the industry.


SquareIT wanted to develop an online system to track and update orders through Web, App, and Text Messaging interaction.


Customers are able to place orders through their app in a very simple format. Once order is placed an email and text message is generated for the administrator. 

Everyday the app notifies their customers that they have orders scheduled to be delivered through this automatic text message. Customer are able to change things like delivery date, notes, and cancel order.


 SquareIT has seen an decrease in their payroll due to the fact that they do not need to update their orders manually when there is changes. Now the client has the power to make changes to orders and SquareIT just gets notified about the changes. 

To test out SQUAREIT follow the app store links below to download and give SQUARE it a spin.