Song Sharing Made Easy

Feedback App.


The Feedback App is a song sharing app made for musicians. The Feedback team talked how SoundCloud and other tools were not providing the necessary tools to share music and collect real time feedback about their productions. 

Together with the Feedback Team we created a tool/app that allows for music production to collect feedback in real-time from invited users.


We designed and developed an app that is easy to use and at the same time robust in options. This app allows you to create multiple songs and upload an unlimited amount of version of the song. 

After you upload you can distribute to places like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and all digital distribution channels. Also you can master your songs with professional instant mastering or hands on mastering. 


The app today is being promoted through their other partner company that focuses on audio engineering tutorials. The app is only being promoted to a small sector for beta testing. 

Together with Feedback Team we are constantly improving the app to bring it into market.

Check out the app by downloading it through the Android and Apple app stores.