Marketing Your Mail: How to Make Your Automated Emails Personable

| June 6, 2022

From CRM automation to e-mail marketing, these tools are essential for continuous clientele outreach and even more so for saving time. However, you get out what you put in with anything in your business. A poor approach to curating your client outreach through automated e-mailing can either make you money or cost you. A sound, automated e-mail system will likely cost you a monthly subscription (maybe your CRM even comes with it). However, that subscription will give you more than just a bang for your buck––but the extra time and a better relationship with your clients. Here are some tips to keep in mind: 


Choosing the Right Software

Between MailChimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, and so much more… there are a lot of choices. In deciding what software will work for you, keep your brand in mind. Remember what is essential to YOU/Your business and your clientele is vital. Keep in mind what reminds them why they chose YOU to provide your services. Is it your style? Is it your story? Pinpoint what that is. Once you have that in mind, you’ve set yourself up for success for the rest of the process. Rating your pros and costs, be honest with what the price is incentivizing or taking from you (and your clientele). Another critical question is, “Do I Even NEED An Automated E-mail Software?” I recommend asking yourself, “How Many Times A Day Are You Typing Out the Same Exact Answer/Response in An E-mail?” If the answer is one or more times––, you need it. 


Keep Content in Mind

What does your client want and need to hear from you to stay in Constant Contact? In some instances, clientele might protest that they don’t want their inbox filled with a bunch of useless hoop-lah to cull at the end of a long day. To that, I say, valid. But that’s why content is essential, and not every client is the same. Campaigns are paramount. This is where you decide who wants or needs a newsletter? Donors, who want to see their beneficial outcomes? Maybe a grandparent figure client with your family business wants to keep up with the Jones’? Consult your CRM and get to work on what is wanted. But more importantly, save yourself the TIME (which is money) by making templates for frequently asked questions or concerns––answer them before they even ask them. Making you look even more like a pro. 


Is Pretty Worth the Price? 

Maybe your clients have a craving for creative aesthetics. Your industry and clientele say it all. Suppose your brand colors and fonts are essential to you. I can guarantee you that they’re crucial to your clients, and they take notice. There is an art to anticipation and a lucrative career out of anticipating your clients’ desires before they voice them. So, dare to go the extra mile by customizing your collection of personable e-mail marketing. Do it yourself (for some fun) or pass the baton to a colleague or freelancer. You and your clientele will not regret it. For not only is it pretty, but it psychologically increases your legitimacy.

Final Thoughts for Success

In closing, these details seem pointless. But success is all in the details––especially the tiny ones. You put all the time into creating brand colors, fonts, and taglines that speak to your company. So, use them. Don’t stop at the website; go all the way. Just in the way that your work for your clients, let your brand (and e-mails) work for you.