Marketing in the Metaverse Explained

| November 29, 2021

Immersive Brand Experiences

Currently, the Metaverse is more of a concept than reality but think of the Metaverse as a parallel universe that duplicates all the marketing opportunities we currently have and more. As a brand in a virtual reality, you have the opportunity to create unique experiences for your customers. This includes a first-person, virtual brand activation that users all around the world can experience without being in your physical location.

Community and brand evangelists will be very important in the Metaverse, something to keep in mind. If you’ve ever had an idea to bring your brand experience to life, the Metaverse will let you do it.


Digital Advertising

Expect a reboot to digital advertising. In the Metaverse, Meta will have access to primary user data which will lead to smarter advertising opportunities. If you’re already advertising on Meta’s platform, advertising will be seeing even more improvements on specificity, location, user habits, demographics, and buying behaviors to bring companies more effective advertising.


Augmented Reality

If you’re not ready to dive into the Metaverse, which is virtual reality, many brands have already taken advantage of augmented reality. This is where digital overlays show up in our real worlds, through wearable pieces like glasses. Consider this a soft opening, to the Metaverse that opens up the opportunity for digital marketing in similar ways.


Our recommendation

There is so much potential for brands in the Metaverse. As a marketer, now is the time to take inventory. Some brands will lend themselves more easily to the virtual world. If yours is slow to digital transformation and not big on community, it may be time for an overhaul, if it makes sense.

Once you assess where your brand currently stands, it’s time to create. Find ways to create meaningful experiences and assets for your brand. There are so many opportunities in the Metaverse like, virtual shows, pop-up stores, launches, meetings, and NFTs. You and your team get to build a world. The more creative, the better. This will be new for many brands, so creativity will stand out.



The implications of the Metaverse in our lives, and specifically in marketing have yet to unfold. The Metaverse is in our near future, and we have yet to see its full potential. One thing is certain, it’s time to start thinking about your brand’s digital transformation as the boundaries between “real life” and “online” converge.

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