How to Optimize Products in Amazon Marketplace: Three Guidelines for Increased Traffic

When it comes to the optimization of products on Amazon Marketplace, the 4 main factors to take into consideration are: User Reviews, Shipping Methods, Price and Product Content. Knowing the importance of each of these areas, as well as how to use them to promote your products on Amazon, is the first step on your path to increase your merchandise traffic. This is because you have control over all these elements… these tools are in your hands! They are things that you can actively do to help increase traffic for your products.

One example of something you can do is to pay attention to what people are saying about your brands, your products, and your services. Monitoring criticism, answering questions, and responding to claims and doubts are all things you can do to create a good, helpful brand image, which will in turn improve your reviews. 

Other examples of steps you can take are offering express shipments, adjusting prices to keep up with the competition, and generating good content about the product.

In addition, Amazon has some tricks you can use that are not always clear at first, but can help you once you know how to use them. Some of those tricks include:


The product title is more important than you think. In order to create a winning product title for Amazon, always consider the principal pieces of information needed in a product title: brand name, colour and/or flavour and/or variant, size and/or quantity and keywords.  Once you do this, you must check your keywords and spend time finding out which ones work best for you. You must put yourself in the place of the buyer. Spending time on this now will be well worth it in the long run.

Perform your own searches for the products you’re selling and see which items pop up first. Analyze the keywords found in the titles and compare how frequently they’re found in your searches. Then, take the most common keywords and apply them to your product titles. You can also search successful brands and look for the keywords they use most often. The goal is to emulate these merchants so you can improve as a seller.


Product photos adapted to the marketplace help to improve conversion on any online sales channel. Amazon requires these product photos from each seller in order to complete their product listings. 

Marketplace has its own guides with technical specifications you must comply with for the visual presentation of the products, such as image formats and sizes. The most vital thing, however, is to use an image that shows your product at its best. 

We recommend taking pictures of your products with a white background and without accessories, texts or logos.  Including a main image is required in order to complete a product listing on Amazon, but choosing a high quality, professional image will give your product a better look than if you simply use the most convenient photo. 

Also, the more product images you add to the gallery, the better your product will do. Customers will be able to see more about the product and that will help them to be more easily convinced of making the purchase.


The Amazon product search algorithm, popularly known as the A9 algorithm, is something that is commonly talked about between sellers and industry experts these days. To explain it simply: it is an efficient and iterative search methodology that reads, scans, and analyzes all the data on the Amazon marketplace. 

fdetermines the products that are the perfect match for a customer’s questions, ranking them with the most relevant matches at the top of the results. The algorithm’s ranking functions are designed to automatically combine different relevance features, guaranteeing the best results to its users.

The main factors that the A9 algorithm looks for are usually: Text Match Relevancy, Sales Velocity, Stock Availability, Price, FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon), Advertising, Customer Reviews, Images, Promotions and Premium Content (premium content gives buyers a better perception of the product, frequently resulting in lower returns and higher customer satisfaction).

These are all actions that you can take in order to increase traffic for your products on Amazon Marketplace and, if you use them correctly, you should be seeing improvements in no time!