What Makes Marketing Creative These Days?

| November 11, 2019

When we think of creativity applied in the field of marketing, the first things that come to our minds are the texts or the pictures that go into ad campaigns. But is that it? Today the industry surely require a new way of thinking.

Psychographics: What are They and How to Use Them in your Marketing

While demographics just explain ‘‘who’’ is your buyer, psychographic information describes ‘‘why’’ someone buys a certain product. Do they matter? Keep reading.

The Ultimate Retargeting Guide

Did you know that nearly 96% of your first-time visitors are not ready to purchase from your website right away? Retargeting is the method used to re-engage customers who have previously interacted online with your brand.

The 10 Instagram Strategies Influencers Don’t Want You to Know About

| October 11, 2019

Did you create an Instagram business account and there hasn’t been any improvement yet? Let us help you unlock the keys to Instagram success.