Calcom de Mexico

App Development





The first of which is the store locator, featuring all the active locations for Calcom. This feature provides not only the name, but also the address and contact info for the branch, which can all be accessed and used through the app. Calling the store is as easy as tapping the number.


The second page is the price list. Calcom can easily change out their PDF file of the price list to ensure that the customer has the most up-to-date prices and available products at a moments notice.


The third page is the Promotions page. This page allows the Marketing team at Calcom to quickly post promotional posters with discounts for products, allowing customers to be notified of the best deals at the moment they are announced.


The last page is the Catalog Search. This page allows customers to quickly search for the products they need. This page features not only prices for the products but also which locations have the product in stock so that the customer can always keep track of their inventories the best way possible.


Testing Username and Password


Pass: calcom20





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