Two-Way Marketing: The New Patterns in the Industry

Two-Way Marketing: The New Patterns in the Industry
With the widespread use of the Internet and the prevailing rise of the "Global Village" Marketing has become a whole new playing field. Two-Way Marketing techniques, being marketing that asks the consumer to participate in rather than just hear the message are becoming more and more important in this day and age.

In 1964 when Marshall McLuhan saw how televisions were bringing societies from all over the earth together, he understood how “mass media” would change how we interact. Coining the term “Global Village” he described this international society and group of people living as a village globally, connected by the media. The Internet brought this theory into reality, and changed the way the world works completely. It’s only been in use by the masses for a little over 20 years, yet it has completely revolutionized the way we interact, the way news spreads, and even entire countries and regimes have been brought down through it.

This “Global Village” has also completely changed the mediums through which businesses market and reach consumers. Up to this point national marketing campaigns from any business where all based on One-way marketing techniques: Television Advertisements, Magazines, Radio, and usually some sort of Public Relationships. The internet though, created a new medium for companies to run mass-scale campaigns with a two-way marketing technique. The internet presented companies with a way to not just tell consumers about new products, but to interact and communicate with them. A one-on-one session with millions of audience suddenly became possible, and this has changed not only how the industry works, but consumers expectations.



Two-Way Marketing.

Sure, billboards, television spot, even just a normal Banner ad on a website, these marketing mediums are going to exist forever; so long as human’s continue to have eyes and these campaigns remain cost effective, they are not going away. To have a very effective and true marketing campaign though, Two-way marketing techniques are what’s going to make your company stick out.

When you involve your consumers in the campaign, you do more than try to persuade them to buy your product or service, you welcome them into your brand, into your experience. It’s guaranteed to place them around positive emotions before being told the product, and it will raise the effectiveness of the campaign much more. To make it even more convincing, if it is creative enough. The campaign itself will generate a lot of attention within this “Global Village” the “Villagers” will start doing promotions for you!



Social-Media and Two-Way Marketing:

The easiest and cheapest two-way marketing campaigns have been done through social media marketing. Social Media is such an interactive tool, that it allows you as a company to launch massive campaigns aimed at individuals, not a large demographic. It allows you to start a conversation with the consumer directly, rather than having to generalize and try to speak to all of them at once. Twitter and Facebook are your companies main way for maintaining your brands presence in the “Global Village”.


Two weeks ago we made an article about how to use twitter in your two-way marketing campaigns. Soon we will have more of these articles to make sure your marketing plans are going as successful as you need them!



Of course, Suner and Garcia is always trying to ensure that your marketing needs are met. We always provide print and other media services to give you access to the one-way marketing techniques, but with our introduction into the iOS family this year, we are starting to bring you into the new two-way marketing world!

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