Sharing is Caring: Droga5's Bing and Jay Z campaign

Sharing is Caring: Droga5's Bing and Jay Z campaign
Sharing is Caring, and today we are sharing one of the best cooperative marketing campaigns. In their Bing: Decode Jay Z campaign, Droga5 manages to effectively create a strong relationship between users and Bing, in a fun and creative way that sparked the attention of many people.

Cooperative marketing has been done in the past, James Bond and Heineken did itU2 and Apple did it (even if nobody wanted them to do it), but I don't think there has ever been a more creative and original cooperative marketing campaign than that of Jay Z’s Decoded and Bing created by Droga5.


Through their campaign, named Bing: Decode Jay Z, Droga5 managed to create an awesome and effective campaign that accurately helped solved the issue that Bing was having.


The Droga5 campaign had a very simple premise, with an extremely complicated execution. The idea was to hide all 320 pages of Jay Z Decoded throughout the United States (mostly north eastern region), throughout the time span of a month. Each day of the month a hint to it’s location would be revealed and users could log in to Bing Maps to find the location and pictures of the pages throughout the United States. You could also effectively collect all 320 pages through their website of the campaign.


Now hiding of the pages was not as simple as just ripping them out of the book and putting them behind some bushes. These were elaborate places, some printed at the bottom of a pool,one in a roof top, a burger joint had it printed on all their wrappers, and even inside the lining of a Gucci leather jacket.


It’s complicated, simple, and comprehensive. Bing’s main issue in entering the search engine category was the almost parasitic relationship most internet users have to the unchallenged giant that is Google. Owning an unprecedented 62.3% of the market, it’s become almost a ritual to begin our journey onto the World Wide Web through Google, even if we don’t search anything on it. This is the challenge that Droga5 faced when creating an effective marketing campaign to boost the use of Bing.


So why is this campaign so true and effective to the challenge? Aside from the fact that it’s fun, it’s grandiose, and of course a perfect example of Two-way marketing (making the user an active participant of the campaig), it also asks the user to go on Bing multiple times a day, to use their Maps and other services that most people did not know exist, to make them associate Bing with fun, and begin laying the foundation for a stronger relationship with Bing. This was the habit forming campaign that Bing needed, although it was  it’s effectiveness is what kept it true, powerful, and one of my favorite marketing campaigns of the 21st century.


Click here to watch a video summary of the campaign by Droga5:



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