Let's Send Some Emails

Let's Send Some Emails
It’s one of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective ways of promoting new products and pushing information to prospects and current costumers, yet because of this it is incredibly easy to do it wrong.

Email Marketing offers a simple platform for your business to engage with customers in a personal way. It gives you the opportunity to give a full pitch rather than just few words (one of social media’s limitations), and land straight in the inbox of a potential or current client. Yet because of how often this is done wrong, most people become wary of the emails they get from companies and tend to label it as “spam”. This blog should help you turn that around for your business so that you can use Email Marketing in the most effective way possible.


First thing first:

How do I get started?

One of the reasons email marketing has become what it is today is because of the effort put out through great systems that have everything ready for you. From gathering lists, to segmenting them, to sending out emails, and to tracking the results of the campaigns. Getting started has become as easy as just creating an account through one of these providers. To help you get started, below are two of the best email marketing websites that you might want to sign up for:


Now for the most part, both of these providers are free, but as your contact lists and campaigns start to get bigger, there are separate charges.


Next is the Hunt

The hunt is one of the crucial parts of your campaigns, because they won’t do much good to you if you if you have no one to send them too. The most effective contact lists are lists of people who have opted to be a part of your mailers. When a customer or prospect knows that they are signing up to receive emails from you, it makes it more likely that they will take the time to open and actually read the email, rather than you just sending them a surprise email they are not expecting (of course because of this they might be more inclined to open it, but they will probably disregard the content after). Some ways to get people to opt in to your list would include:


  • Have a simple sign up form on your website
  • At the end of routine emails (order details / account updates) include a link for them to sign up
  • Include it as part of your contact forms (have a checkbox asking if they want to sign up)

After the hunt?

Organize your list! If you gathered information about industry, location, or anything else, make sure to segment your list so that you can better target your campaigns.


The Campaign

The campaign is the main purpose of this email list right? So what do you do with it? You have to make sure that there is some purpose to every email you send out. Sending out newsletters and monthly emails mostly get ignored. To truly make your campaign effective you want to make sure there is a “value exchange”. Sharing the valuable information in the campaign, in exchange for your clients or prospects valuable time. The campaign has to have a specific purpose, and a specific call-to-action to complete the purpose. This is what adds strength to your email blast. When the customer reads your email and see’s that the information is valuable, they will take the time to read the email, and hopefully purchase the product you are pushing, go to the event you are advertising, or do whatever it is your emails purpose was meant for.

Always make sure your campaign has this value exchange, and you should see their success increase over time.


Track, Review, Improve!

Our customers are different from yours, and your customers are different from the next guys, so there is no one structure fit all. You have to tailor your campaigns for what works for your clients and prospects. Most of the systems we outlined at the beginning of this blog have a lot of analytic tools that you should be taking advantage of. They’ll show you what emails are being read more, what subject lines are being opened more and what links are being clicked on more. Use this information for your advantage and see which campaigns are having the most success and start asking yourself why. As you start to figure it out, you’ll see your campaigns start having more and more success as time goes by!



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