Web Development

E-commerce, Shopping Carts

Our creative solutions are different because we think different. We deliver actual online solutions making it easier for your business to manage your website without third party involvement and unnecessary fees. Our custom programming including blogs, shopping carts, splash pages are easy to modify and can immediately upload your images and alter your content instantly.


Suner and Garcia delivers professional websites, with premium and licensed graphics, along with custom programming for challenging and more advanced business needs. We also offer  video production services. 

Graphic Design

Business Marketing

Branding is more than just a logo and a business card. It's the unique match of image illustration, fonts including the perfect match of colors. Talk to one of our professionals and begin with your business analysis. Our creative department can deliver most print material with an incredible turnaround time. Business Cards, Postcards, Banners, Billboards, Power point presentations and more.


No matter how small or big your business is, we can handle most. Our creative department is hosted inhouse, highly knowlegdgeable and experienced.  

Social Media Services

Content Writing

Suner and Garcia Power Blast Marketing Module. Let your Business Marketing Campaigns be delivered in a flash! Share your business newsletters, advertisement online campagins or just news updates throughout your Social Network, Business Website, send an Email Campaign also you can even include Text messages with just a couple of steps. We make it easier for you.


Social Media Campaigns can be tricky and Suner and Garcia's can help you get the most likes and visits for your business facebook  fan page. Get more without over spending. We can also assis with content for your Blogs, Newsletters, Press Release or your whole business webpage. Call today.



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